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Thread: What is the best road side assistance service?

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    What is the best road side assistance service?

    I am looking for a good road side assistance program. Does anyone suggest one or have experiences they can share with me? How is AAA for motorcycles? Thanks in advance.
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    AAA RV Plus

    I never leave home without it. My sidecar has been on AAA's flatbeds in several states. Doesn't break the bank either.
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    Progressive insurance is very good. Make sure you get the "Trip Interruption" part also. You have to be at least 90 miles from home and they give you five hundred bucks to get home.

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    Exclamation Roadside Assist ...

    I used the optional $26.00 per year "Platinum Cycle" upgrade to my BMWMOA membership in 2009, and had to use it three times that year. The first was when I came back to the US after two years in the mid-east and I needed to get my bike carried to the shop to get a new battery and a tune-up. When I called, the person on the phone didn't know that BMW made motorcycles and was trying to look up my R1150GS Adventure in the auto section. I thought that was funny, but several months later when my truck broke down in Florida, I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if they'd tow me to a repair shop, - and they did, with no problems. Later that year, I had my coil go out on my bike, and I killed the batt trying to get my bike to start before I could figure out what the issue was. They carried me home where I was able to figure out the problem at my own leisure. Man I was glad I had decided to add that option when I became a member of the BMWMOA. ... However, beginning in 2010, I wanted to also be a member of the AMA. Normal annual dues for them is $39.00, - but if you sign up for auto renewal, they throw in their AMA roadside assistance for free. If you take away the $26.00 I was paying to the BMWMOA, that means that I am getting my AMA membership for only $13.00 a year. So far, I haven't needed any roadside assistance since the coil issue in later summer 2009, so I can not give an experienced opinion of the AMA program.

    PLATINUM CYCLE CLUB MOTORCYCLE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE will reimburse you for each of the following 24-hour emergency services: Towing (up to 100 miles), Delivery of Essential Fluids & Supplies, Flat Tire Assistance, and Battery Service. You will also receive up to $500 for emergency trip interruption. Other benefits are Trip Routing, RV Rentals and Rental Car Discounts as well as Lost Key & Lockout Service. All supporting towing companies use flatbed trucks with straps or a cycle carrier - no hooks! The cost to a MOA member is only $26.00 per year and covers up to three motorcycles. Coverage is available throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Call the BMW MOA office at (636)-394-7277 to sign up.

    AMA Roadside Assistance Program
    This valuable benefit is FREE when you sign up online for auto renewal or purchase a three-year membership.
    Coverage for all your vehicles and your family‘«÷s vehicles, from motorcycles to cars, trucks, RVs and even trailers.

    Heading out on your motorcycle with the horizon in your sights is cool.
    Sitting on the side of the road with mechanical problems is not.

    Now you can maximize your ride time and minimize the inconvenience of a breakdown with AMA Roadside Assistance, which offers peace of mind for you and all your family members.

    Hopefully you‘«÷ll never need this service, but when you do, you‘«÷ll have the comfort of knowing that AMA Roadside Assistance is tailored specifically to motorcyclists.
    With AMA Roadside Assistance, you get:

    * Coverage for bikes, cars, pickups, motorhomes and trailers registered to you, your spouse, and dependent children under the age of 24, living at home or away at college.
    * Coverage in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Canada.
    * Towing up to 35 miles.
    * All dispatch and hook-up fees.
    * Flat tire assistance.
    * Mechanical first aid: minor adjustments (excluding parts) to repair the vehicle.
    * Emergency fuel delivery.
    * Wheel and tire road hazard coverage for the member's vehicles, including trailers.
    * No exclusions for older motorcycles.
    * Up to five dispatched service calls per year.
    * Towing a disabled motorcycle or other vehicle to a shop or the member's home.
    * Emergency Trip Interruption Service: Up to $100 a day for three days ($300) in reimbursement for meals and lodging if a member's car or motorcycle is disabled in an accident.
    * Toll-free assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from two national call centers.
    * AMA Roadside Assistance pays first. No need to pay and wait for reimbursement.
    * Free trip-routing service (call 800-338-2680).
    * Free limited legal services (call 800-338-2680).
    * Free online rewards mall (call 800-338-2680).

    Sign up for AMA Roadside Assistance securely online, or call (800) AMA-JOIN for more information.

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    roadside assistance

    I have at least 2 different ones and depending upon where you ride you may or may not receive the type of services you believe you are covered by.

    I have AAA RV/Motorcycle, plus KOA/AllState RV road help - and I do this because I am frequently in parts of the country where service may be difficult to obtain. I may also have a roadside assistance thru my GMAC Insurance but am not sure.

    I haven't needed any of these - knock, knock, except gasoline along side a busy Interstate and another rider finally stopped to give me gas [I fogot my phone...] then AAA had to be called w/ his phone because my battery was dead from the flashers operating for over an hour.

    BTW - consider MedJet Assist as well.
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    Paul and I are really happy with Allstate Roadhelp RV which also covers all of our motorcycles.

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    Thank you all for all of your suggestions. I definitely have to do my research now. I have about 5 companies to compare.
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    I have the AARP motorist assist and am NOT happy with thier service at all. I was at my office agter everyone else had left for the day and had a dead battery on the bike. After 2 hours they could not find someone to assist me and suggested that I find someone myself. I was 1 mi form a major interstate (I-81) and five miles from a major university (VA Tech, 35000 students and staff) and they could not find a jump start? What are the chances that they would be of any help in the boonies? I complained and they did not care. I complained to AARP and they said that they would forward my complaint. Never heard anything else. Does anyone know who provides the service for the AMA plan?

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    travel towing

    I have had Progressive for along time. Once was a haul from Flint to Detroit and another from Clarksville, TN to Nashville. Had another I won't talk about. Never raised my rates but have continually gone down. I should have had the interruption addition. Well worth it. If it has to be hauled, chances are it won't be fixed that day.

    AAA does not do much to support bikes.

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    You need to carefully consider whether you can live with a mileage limit - say like 100 miles which is common. I live 400 miles from the nearest dealer and frequently ride where I am hundreds of miles from a dealership. So unlimited miles in important to me.
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    When I had the worst road side service plan, the BMW one, my S was eating clutch shafts and my GS was eating rear drives like jelly beans. Now that I have a good plan with unlimited towing, Good Sam Club, I have bikes that don't need to be towed........I'm happy I'm wasting my money on a good plan......I think

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    I never bothered with these services since I drive Japanese cars and BMW motorcycles. In well over 30 years, I've never needed a tow or any service from them.

    But when I bought a used 1995 Porsche Carrera a couple of years ago, I took out CAA Plus just to be on the safe side on the day of pick-up; the car was located some hundreds of kilometers from home.

    With a twelve year old daily driver Honda CR-V still with the original battery, the Porsche and a few motorcycles, I maintain the service now.

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    I've used the AMA Roadside Assistance and the AMA part of it was very good. The tow guys I got weren't as good, but that wasn't AMA's fault (and they did call back to check on me and everything - wasn't their fault the tow people hadn't shown up yet).

    I've also got it through Progressive since it was only a few dollars more, and I got trip interruption, etc. Haven't had to use Progressive but I've heard good things about it. Mileage limits aren't such a big deal for me because if I can get towed home, my dealer will come pick up my bike.

    Good luck with your search!

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    AMA Roadside Assistance

    I just used my Roadside assistance for the first time on my last trip to the RA Rally in Wisconsin. AMA offers free roadside assistance to all members who choose Auto-Renewal. No telling what the tow would've cost.

    See my post below:
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