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* handled well.
* had excellent grip.
* soaked up the bumps quite nicely.
* did not cup.

I should be more excited about these tires, but for the type of riding I do (longer trips including twisties and interstate highway), they don't wear quite long enough.
I can say similar things about the RA2 on my R1200R, only I am at 9300 miles on the rear and getting ready to replace it with another RA2. It's started to look squared off since maybe the last 2-3k miles now with no ill effect from it as far as handling goes. The inner wear bars are just becoming exposed. However, the flat center seems thin, looks like the wires may start to show soon, no longer makes me trust the tire, and that's what bothers me the most.
The lack of cupping is what feels good compared to the Z6 I used in the past. Cornering still feels smooth, but absorption of bumps at the rear is pretty much gone by now. The front has something close to 4k miles and still feels good. The RA2 is a better twisty road than straight slab tire, IMHO.