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Thread: Sidecar on an R90?

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    Sidecar on an R90?

    Hey all: Seeing as I can't seem to find a buyer for this lump, I have decided to convert it to a sidecar rig. (That's the original reason for selling the bike, we were going to buy an Ural). I have been told that I will need to replace the rear sub frame, with a unit designed for sidecar use, as well as add a fork brace and steering dampener. This is all before I buy the car. Anyone out there have an R90/sidecar rig who can give me some ideas? Thanks in advance. Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    Lots of good info and examples on the forum in the Hacks section.
    You will be adding an additional subframe to the bike to stiffen the chassis and add support to the sidecar mounting, not replacing the rear subframe.
    Bob Weis
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    I have 2 Airhead sidecar rigs. You do need a subframe, but not to replace the bike's rear subframe. What you need is a sub frame that mounts to your bike main frame and the sidecar mounts to it. It distributes the sidecar loads better than just clamping a sidecar to the main frame. If you rig it up right, it'll be a better sidecar rig than a Ural (IMHO), you just won't have reverse gear, or the option of 2wd.
    Here is a link to some pics of my R75/5 rig:
    Hank Pfister
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    Hank and Bob; Thanks for the reply. Is the reinforcement kit available? I really wouldn't miss the reverse gear or the two wheel drive, they would just tempt me to get into situations that I couldn't get out of. ( I already have an R1100 for that!!) This is mainly going to get used to haul the wife around, as she suffers from an inner ear problem that makes it difficult to ride on a two wheeler.

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    A variety of sidecar dealers sell subframe kits for various bikes. One of them who has been doing this for a very long time is dauntless motors. Got to dmcsidecars dot com and give them the info on your R90, and what sort of sidecar you're looking at. They may even sell you a sidecar, too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HankPfister View Post
    Here is a link to some pics of my R75/5 rig:
    Holy Crap! I'm in

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    I have a 1983 R100 w/dauntless subframe/sputnic car.Steering was hard and wobbles Perry bushlong (texas)made new tripple trees to change trail,fixed steering.lacked power because of car,got different final drive 37:11 fixed that,need flat profile tires,mag wheels are best because of side load.Cost about 5K. Oh,well,what's money for anyway. Fun Ride!

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    I have a 2002 Velorex 562 on a '77 R100S.

    The rigging is Dauntless (now DMC). The "sub-frame" is somewhat visible in the attached photo (it parallels the bike frame--it runs from above the cylinder and follows the frame down below the cylinder to the driver's footpeg area of the frame). Note also (second attached photo) the "loop" just forward of the passenger footpeg, it connects the back of the sidecar to both sides of the bike. The subframe is critical on post /2 BMW's as the "newer" frames can't carry the stresses of the sidecar.

    I can take photos of all the rigging and sub-frame if you wish (as the attached photos don't show the parts very well).

    Here's a list of how the 100S was additionally altered to tug the sidecar:
    San Jose loop fork brace
    braced swingarm
    Luftmeister anti-dive spring kit
    Reg Pridmore upper yoke
    new fork seals (BMW)
    SAC barbacks (about 2" back and 2" up)
    wide/low sidecar bars
    Volkswagen steering damper
    lightened flywheel
    dual plugged with new wires & caps
    Dyna coils and Dyna elecronic ignition
    Progressive rear shocks with stiff springs
    final drive replaced with 37/11

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