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Thread: 1200GSA Aux lighting and tank bag

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    1200GSA Aux lighting and tank bag

    Looking for advice/recommendations on adding long dist lights and tank bag for LD riding. Planning my first SS1000 ride in a couple of weeks. As a newbie LD rider any tips are welcome.


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    Tank bags

    I have used Wolfman for my 02 GS then and now for my 08 GSA. Great price and expandable with plenty of side pockets. Lights, I am running the BMW lights that came with the package option. If you hook up aftermarket lights put in a fuze box. Sooner or later you will hook up more stuff and it is worth it having a box already for communication, radio, heated cloths etc. The plastic tray under the seat for tools work well for wiring. My tools go in the saddlebags. Good luck.

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    A GS Tankbag MUST be waterproof

    This one took me up the Dempster, the Dalton and the Denali - in rain, hail and sun. Absolutely bombproof.

    Lights - I used four Hellas - a good set of PIAAS would work well too. If I had the bike today I would absolutely change the low beam to a real HID rig. That would be a real HID setup, not the tinted BS bulbs on eBay.

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    Everything about lighting up a GS/A and were afraid to ask
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    I like my Baja Design HID lamps. One is wide beam (r/s) and the other is pencil beam (l/s) Have them switched individually, combined with a HID low beam, pretty good light.

    One item of note, when first installd they were above the t/signal ligts. Fuel economy dropped 4-5 mph. Used a different mounting bracket placing lights below the t/signals and mph came back up. The lights were installed right in the center of the air flow and they added about 16 sq inches of frontal area ea. Enough to make a difference.

    Have a Touratech tank bag and like it. On since I purchased bike new.

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    Been using the PIAA 1100's on both my K bike and truck. Make a big difference and have been 100% reliable over the last several years and thousands of miles.
    Switched out the standard bulbs to PIAA's too. Made a major difference with some night travel through Arkansas on a recent trip.

    But I would also check out the latest and greatest LED lights too. With the LED's you could get the same output with a lot less power draw.

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