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Thread: ATGATT Research

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    Different brand, different crowd.
    I lead a group ride to join a "ride-for-life" event from my dealer yesterday, and, while I support the good cause for cancer victims, I noticed that our group of sport bike riders (BMW and Japanese brands) were all well dressed but in the minority. The riders of the US-made bikes wore some bits of leather but nothing to protect their arms, hands, faces etc. Instead, they opted to beautify the scene showing off their tattoos and gang insignia. The event was held in Idaho so many chose to take advantage of the "no helmet" option that is legal there.
    Drinking beer and mixed alcoholic beverages also seems to be part of the "culture".

    Just shaking my head....
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    I'll be the first to admit that while I believe ATGATT is the way to go I usually go ATGMOTT (all the gear most of the time).
    From time to time when I head in town to grab a bite for lunch I throw on my jacket, gloves, and helmet but stay in my slacks and 3/4 high works shoes. It just takes to long to change into my riding pants and then change back when I get back. Not enough time for lunch.

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