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Thread: Hello from the Heart of Dixie!

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    Hello from the Heart of Dixie!

    Hi from Bama! I just renewed my membership after a lapse of two years. I ride an 07 GS12 Adv, which was my first BMW bike that I purchased new at the end of 06. Although Ive been riding since I was 9 yrs old, this bike opened up an entire new world of riding for me that I have enjoyed ever since I brought the GS home.

    I have never been able to make BMW events or rallies but I actually have some free time at the end of this month and I am kicking around the idea of riding up to PA for the International rally. Im also thinking of going early and participating in the Gypsy Tour but Im not crazy of going solo so Im trying to talk a friend of mine who also has a GS to come along too.

    Anyway, I'm glad to be on board again and Im looking forward to getting involved with as many activities that I can.

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    Hi SQ!

    Welcome back...sounds like you've bonded with your machine. I don't understand all that off-road stuff, but those Adventure bikes are really pretty cool. Maybe see you at the rally!!
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    Hey Alafreakinbama!d!
    I'm new here, too! Upstate SC, so maybe we'll see each other in the road! Not offroad. Not yet, anyway. Have a good ride. (06 GSA, new to me, two weeks ago.)
    Kemo Sabe

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