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Thread: BMW System 5 Helmet

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    BMW System 5 Helmet

    I came across a story about the newest BMW Helmet. The System 5.
    It claims to be the quietest of any helmet to date and come equiped with wireless helmet to helmet communication through Bluetooth technology.
    It was from a British site,
    Any chance of something like this coming over here?

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    BMW has marketed helmets for some time. The flip-up helmets were being made by Schubeth, but I don't know who is making the new one. BMW pulled out of the U.S. market many years ago, supposedly to eliminate possible liabilities. Until BMW decides that it is worth it (balancing the profits they make in this market verses litigation costs), you won't see BMW helmets for sale in the U.S.

    Oh, think you're going to order one from over there and have it shipped here? Dealers over there won't do it. I think it is legal, however, to buy one over there and bring it back with you.

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    It's doubtful we'll see a BMW helmet in the USA. However, BMW Motorrad USA has announced a wireless communication system (see BMW ON, March 2005, p.80). It could be the same headset as used in the new System V. We'll have to wait and see. You may be able to soon buy the BMW headset and put it into a new Schuberth C2 and have a very similar helmet to the System V.

    There are a couple of other manufacturers working on integrated helmet and Bluetooth headset. Vemar is one of them that is available in the US.


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