About us:
We are two 50 something's, late model LT & RT mounted and we're leaving from CT going to San Francisco with our only requirement is a stop in Denver and want to ride a healthy piece of the PCH.
When we leave: Sept 20th
Length of time allowed : 2 weeks
We like the slab, but thought there are some great rides/scenery along the way (e.g. at 425 mile mark view FL Wrights Fallingwater in PA).
We'll doing motels, w/no camping.
How many miles can we expect per day?
Plan a day(s) off? We're no Iron Butt candidates.
Is 2 weeks enough? (Two years would be fine as well, but we both have our own businesses.)
Most important "must-have" items?
What is our best route at that time of year?
There might be a bottle of La Chouffe or Santenay in the luggage.
Appreciate any and all input.

CT Registrations: BCNU & YB-HOM