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Thread: front end wobble in turn on airhead

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    how the problem was fixed

    well the problem is apparently fixed. i took the r65 out to bob's and the tech rode it for me. his opinion was shocks good, wheel bearings good, forks good, steering bearing with more slack than he likes but not loose, rear tire worn flat. tech's opinion was that when the rear tire profile goes flat as it wears out it will induce a wobble in the front in turns in some situations . . . like mine apparently. the tire in question was a worn out Metzler me55a with about 1/16" of tread depth left in the center. replaced with Metzler 88.

    tech was reluctant to tighten the steering head bearing, as looseness will cause the bearings to develop indentations that cause notchiness when tightened later. but i asked him to torgue it to spec, since the bearing had been replaced a few years ago but not retightened since. the tech did, and the bearing needed some tightening to reach spec. the test ride passed with flying colors as did my ride home.

    so am happily mounted looking for big sweepers and twisties en route to bloomsburg. the bike in question will be there, a blue 84 r65 with starlet bags and a rider wearing an MA Brown riding suit. i'll leave the Bell automotive helmet with the snap on acrylic shield at home.

    safe riding!

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    Nice, enjoy the ride and the rally. I wish we could go, we used to live very close, but no longer. Great roads there.


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