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Thread: And the Starter dilema continues

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    And the Starter dilema continues

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    Installed the new starter and... well, it started.

    Started it and ran for a minute then shut it off to get to drive way to take it for a spin. Started it again and let it idle while I got my helmet on. It cut off... Hit the starter again and something locked open. I don't know what part of the starter was still spinning when I took the key out but...

    Sounded like my car starter did when it went up a few months ago. Only way to stop it was to disconnect the battery. At least I knew to do that.

    So. Did my new starter kick the bucket already? Is it the relay? Or how about the starter button?

    How do I go about finding the culprit?

    I'm sure everybody is at the rally. Tempted to load it into a truck and hang up a sign asking for help. I am learning something new every time I get beyond my ability... but...

    I am back to

    I am low on funds... Have little time... Just as little knowledge...
    88 R100GS

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    Ummmmm..... Is that Egg??

    Problem appears to be solved.

    I do believe that I had the battery wire on the solenoid post touching the fin between the solenoid and the starter. I believe that I caused a short, creating a constant closed circuit weather the key was on or not and weather the relay was in or not.

    I believe that I overlooked this because I was hot and tired and overlooked a simple thing because of that.

    Two Good things came from this. 10 seconds after I put the bike back into the shed instead of for a ride, it started pouring rain. Second, I learned something new about how my bike works and the importance of paying attention to details (again.)

    See you in Bloomsburg.

    Funny what difference a day makes.
    88 R100GS

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