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    Ed Fisher

    My son and I rode up to Ed Fisher on RT 154 in Shunk Pa. If you attend the Rally and are a vintage motorcycle fan it is worth the ride to visit Ed. He welcomes all riders and hopes he is well enough to show off some off his rides on July 23.

    [IMG]ed fisher_10[/IMG]
    [IMG]ed fisher_1[/IMG]
    [IMG]ed fisher_2[/IMG]
    [IMG]ed fisher_3[/IMG]
    [IMG]ed fisher_4[/IMG]

    Warning RT 154 north of Worlds End to Canton has 3 drills sites on it. Large tanker truck traffic is very thick, slow, many small trucks a day (white F350 crew cabs) and no safe passing areas. There are an easy 100 tankers (we saw 50 in a hour) on these road 24 hours day 365 days a year for the next 100 years. If it were not for the tankers the white truck take wings and think the have to fly. The only reason to ride this road is to visit Ed. BE CAREFUL!
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    Thanks for the post! I used to work for Ed and his daughter Fay when they had the shop in Parkersburg,Pa.. Also watched his son Gary race at Daytona in '74

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