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Thread: 2007 R1200RT sargent seat and bakup backrest

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    2007 R1200RT sargent seat and bakup backrest

    Does anyone know if these two products are compatible? I am thinking that to start I want to get the Ilium highway pegs with a bakup back rest to help with highway comfort but I want to wait on the seat. I really don't want to to spend all of that money and not be able to use the back rest if/when I upgrade the seat but I do want to see if the pegs and backrest will allow me to live with the stock seat.

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    I can't comment on integrating the two, but I am well pleased with the Sargent seat on my 2007 RT. There is enough difference in elevation between the rider and pillion seats to provide some low back support. I needed the Bakup Rest on my '04, however.
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