My buddy and I just returned from a round trip from New Braunfels, Tex. to Missoula, Mt. around 5000 miles. I rode my K75s with at that time 12k and my Bud rode my R1150rs with 12k on it at that time. We had the normal problems it seems. The R1150rs cracked a quick fuel disconnect in Yellowstone. I was not prepared. It cost $300. to get it towed back to Jackson. There I was able to get parts from Napa and splice it. Cost about $10. for parts. So, don't forget to change to the new metal quick disconnects or take some splicing material with you. No real problems with the K75s. One morning after a rain it would not start. It would turn over but never ignite. I let it sit there while we had breakfast, sun shining on it and then it started right up and never had another problem. It didn't even use one drop of oil on that trip. The K75s is one of the most vibration free bikes I have ever rode and wonderful in the mountains..hardly ever have to change gears. You guys that have them know about the rpm's in 4th and 5th. One reason for writing this was to let you know about the good guys at the BMW dealer in Missoula. They were really busy there and allowed me and a few others to change the oil in their bikes in the parking lot; they even loaned us some drip pans and rags. Nice guys.