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Thread: GS Rally Goers coming from the West

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    GS Rally Goers coming from the West

    Anyone interested in a group ride from the Cleveland Area? We plan on leaving Saturday July 16. We'll hump it to western Pa. then all dirt/backroads to the Marienville area for a few days then off to Renovo. Come early, stay nearby or set up camp in our backyards...if need be we have numerous tire machines and every tool you might need for repairs. Send those TKC 80's here and we'll help you swap them out when you get here. .Dealers nearby as well. The route will be planned by a guy who grew up in the woods riding in the area near Marienville and his brother who still lives near Clarion Pa. Lemme know.

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    can you share your route info? if so, it's worth some GS Giant points.

    Here is the Adventure Detour for the Adventure Detour that starts from Cleveland and ends in Marienville, PA, starting point of the GS Gypsy Tour. I don't think there is much dirt on this route.....

    Registration is still open!

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    dirt routes

    I'll mention it to Rich....I'm sure he'll share it with you, but he and his brother are doing all the research. I do know we'll be in the dirt well before Franklin Pa...I just spoke with him Sunday and he's doing the routes now...

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