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Thread: The Best of GPS

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    The Best of GPS

    Some of you might have notice my personal interest in GPS. I myself find it amazing that there is such an overlap and it would seem too many choices. As an old map and compass kinda guy, I keep trying to figure out the best all around unit. I'm going to try something a little different in this months Best of Forum. I have been encouraging some of the GPS threads and there are some members who have a real talent both for identifying a good unit and working the associated software. I'm going to list some threads that contain some of The Best of GPS.

    That is a list that I have come up with from the past years. Don't forget the threads are open and when/if you post it will bring them up to the "surface" again. Enjoy, Gary
    Edit- as the great group of GPS Wizz Kids come up with another good thread- I'll add it.
    You will be able to see the last up-date time at the bottom of the screen.
    Want to learn Base Camp-
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