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    Eagle One "Keep Clean" Wheel

    A while ago I had to remove some stubborn black stains on my rear wheel (std silver paint finish on an 08 RT) resorting to a Mr Clean (mildly abrasive) pad to do so after all normal solution wheel cleaners failed to remove them. The stains originated from dust from EBC HH rear pads no doubt aided by the fact that the wheel had not been washed in a few months of wet riding. But one doesn't want to regularly resort to abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners so I looked for something to protect the rear wheel finish and happened on Eagle One "Keep Clean" Wheel.

    The product comes in a pump spray bottle, is applied to a clean wheel, and dries to a clear, non-oily, transparent film much like what is created by some waterproof sunscreens formulas ( This product is definitely not skin safe, however).

    I ran the coated rear wheel and an uncoated front for a while that included last week's run to the Rubber Chicken Rally in Snowshoe, WV. The riding included quite a bit of rain as well as hot pavement that throws up the usual small tar bits.
    The coating does not keep rain debris from accumulating on a motorcycle wheel thougfh the pattern (very much aligned with wheel rotation) shows it doesn't adhere as well. Cleaning both wheels after return (the coating will come off with cleaning) showed that the coating prevented any of the tar bits from staining the rear wheel- all the road debris and brake dust washed off 100% with just normal detergent washing of the bike without resorting to any additional cleaners or chemicals. The product apparently will substantially reduce dirt adherence to wheels for at least a few weeks. I do not know how long the effect will last and I recoated the wheels after washing- which led to one of my couple negative comments about this product.

    The product is intended to be dispensed by pump spray which worked fine the first time the product was used. However, the second try found the pump spray clogged. I've spent a lot of my career in the packaging industry so I opened up the pump (by prying off the nozzle cover) and cleaned the internals so the pump again sprayed, testing it with water and running it dry. However, upon putting it back in the product it again failed to dispense. The pump is the cheapest possible type and I doubt many if any purchasers of this product will find that it remains functional for the life of the contents (which could easily be a couple years for a bike).

    So, I took the top off the bottle and applied the product with a rag which works fine. However, the product contains mineral spirits, isopropanol and trimethyl benzene as solvents, the latter of which might be slightly contaminated with benzene, a known carcinogen. So appropriate gloves should be used if you do this. Trimethly benzene is not presently OSHA regulated but there are NIOSH limits and PPE info published- it is a known skin irritant. The solvents dry fast enough that I doubt they have any effect on wheel finishes and the maker claims the product is safe for all finishes. The maker also cautions about ignition possibilities, not to ingest, adequate ventilation, etc and provides on the label an 800 number for chemical emergencies.

    There are other similar products on the market that I have not tried. Perhaps one of them has a sprayer of better design. I would also prefer a product without trimethyl benzene if such is available. A photo is attached and you can find this and similar items in Autozone and many other chain stores.
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