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Thread: Communication suggestions

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    Smile Comm. Sets

    Have found that one Bluetooth brand does not pair with another brand, our solution was to switch to FRS/GMRS radios now all riders in group can communicate. My wife uses a chatterbox mounted to helmet, works fine in either VOX or PPT switch. I'am using a Midland GTX5000 wired by J&M in Tucson to Schubert C3. My riding buddies use various other brands. We have the ability to communicate over longer distances than our previous bluetooh systems with no pairing issues. Just my .02 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKBeemer View Post
    I am considering using one of the bluetooth based Cardio Scala systems
    Don't, but if you do, I'll sell you two lightly used ones (a couple of hours).

    Bluetooth just can't compete with a properly configured, properly installed hard wired system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leesrt View Post
    The sena doesn't allow a group intercom conversation between several riders, you have to connect to each rider separately..
    Sena has a 2-way adapter called the SR-10 which will allow it to interface with a two-way radio. Release scheduled for end of October. Contact me and I'll see what I can do. Proper GMRS will always outperform Bluetooth.

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    My advise:

    1. Insist on GMRS. It allows for more interoperability, better range, and good quality. Bluetooth has abismal range and only works with other like units. Ideally go with a real, quality built GMRS not the blister pack radios. Yes they work and are cheap, but once you use a good Kenwood transceiver you won't go back.

    2. Go with an Autocom headset or ear buds. Nothing else comes close. Ear buds give best sound quality and volume but take time to put on and annoy some people. The Autocom mic (available as a repair part too) is better than any other microphone. Even if you don't want an Autocom system, there headsets are top notch.

    3. Put a price tag on rider-to-pillion and other interface integration. It's all possible but some get expensive. Here are just a few options:

    Autocom Headset loom straight to Kenwood radio with handlebar mounted PTT:
    $199.99 plus radio ($250 new or < $150 refurbished)

    Autocom Logic for Rider and Passenger + GPS Interface + Radar Interface + Kenwood Radio Interface:
    $614.99 plus radio ($250 new or < $150 refurbished)

    There are even a few options in between. To do it all including radio, expect about $900. For radio only, around $350. If you want to strictly communicate with one other riding buddy and don't expect GPS or audio to work together, go with a Sena dual headset system for $300 for the pair. Downside is I can scream loud enough to cover there range!

    If you want to examine your options more, call anytime.

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