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Thread: BMW Trailguard or Rev'it Sand or Defender GTX

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    BMW Trailguard or Rev'it Sand or Defender GTX

    Long time Harley rider just pursing a new R 1200RT! Supposed to be here Tuesday!

    As you might imagine, all of my gear is BLACK and most with the Harley logo. I'm looking for a really good four season riding jacket/pants solution.

    I'm located in the PNW and get a fair amount of Rain. My rides can tale me from 35 degrees to over 100. Typical rides are hundreds of miles. Can't ride to work so it's all about touring for me.

    Any input on BMW Trailguard or Rev'it Sand or Defender GTX is appreciated.

    Can't wait for the 1200RT.


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    The Rev'It jackets have a high collar, so you have to take that into consideration with the brand of helmet you use. I have the Rev'It Tornado suit with a Schuberth C3 helmet and the helmet is sometimes hard to latch with the high collar and the low neck roll on the helmet. My Shoei Multitech is fine with the suit (D-rings versus ratchet system), but the C3 is quiter.
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    Thanks for the word of caution. I'm riding with a Multitech now but was considering a C3.

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    Defender GTX and C3

    So I bought my first Beemer '09 1200 GSA this past late March in TX and rode it back to MD to use for my commuter as well as pleasure ride. I too wanted good gear for year round use. I ended up in the Rev'it Defender top and bottom and was sold on the C3 after reading so much about it.
    Well - 6800 miles later - here's my report:
    Bottom line up front - Really good quality gear, awfully expensive for the minor complaints I have-

    The Defender jacket and pant are incredible 3 season apparel - too hot in MD summer. The top is not waterproof - without the liner, you will get wet in the shoulders and arms, but that's about it as the windshield protects the chest (I just washed it in TecWick to seal it up). As the GSA protects the lower body, the legs are dry without the liner. The silver rain liner is waterproof - but also windproof - HOT and muggy over 70 degs. In 50 degree wx, I add the silver liner for a light protection and am fine.
    On my 1800-mile initial ride north, I encountered 90 degree muggy down to 35 degrees and rain. I used the layers in every configuration - just shell, then with both liners independently. That's the cool thing with the Rev'it - flexible. I have found the jacket and pant too warm after 80. Wearing it in 100 actually protected me from the heat in commuter traffic, but I was soaked when I got home. On the trek home, I rode in 40 degree rain for the better part of 6 hours - dry, warm and comfortable.
    The only real complaint with the jacket is that the collar pull-back tab loop thing doesn't work. There's a loop at the end of the collar snap tab to attach to a plastic hook on the collar to keep it open when in warmer climes - well - nice try but no cigar! the damn thing comes off at the first series of buffeting wind and then the collar tab slaps the underside of the helmet and drives you nuts. The high collar itself is fine with the C3. No water, warm all good but for the tab attachment.
    So you stuff/roll the tab inside. Kind of stupid for a $600 jacket.

    The C3 helmet for all it's rave reviews - well.... I went silly and got the bluetooth collar SCS system too pushing the price for the system to $1100 - not cheap. For me, maybe my head's too big, I dunno. I'm 6'/230 38 pant/46-48 jacket, not fat just a big guy. I got an XL. The helmet is fairly quiet and pretty light. I used to have a full-face Arai before that seemed the same but that was back in '89. This helmet is snug. There's a center-line foam piece that is sewn into the headband right on your forehead. For me, that's where the helmet seems to rest most of it's weight and I end up with an indentation in my forehead from the sewing spot - when I take off the helmet, there's a distinct redness in the shape of the sewn arrow-looking attachment - helmet head. Makes me look like demonic or angry as hell.
    The wind visor- only 3 months of ownership and the incremental tabs are worn and the visor won't stay in position. The first tab, opens to about 1/4" is great for letting in air. When you do, the noise level goes up 50% You really hear the engine. Closed is quite quiet, but the helmet doesn't provide enough ventilation behind a windshield, so it get's stuffy and you open the visor and there's the noise. This piece of gear for the price - I dunno - I think the price is too high but that's because the Euros so strong right now.

    The SCS system is incredible - doesn't work very well with Droid, they say it's perfect with usual. The fidelity and stereo headset is really impressive - great technology. At 80mph, my wife didn't even know I was riding the bike.

    Hope that helps.

    Smooth throttle and fun twisties!

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    sati8d, great information‘«™ thank you.

    It rains a lot in WA. West side of the state can be rainy and 70 but the time I get over the pass (east side of the state), 90+ and sunny. really would like one touring jacket and pants for those long rides.

    Going back to BMW this week to pick up the 1200RT. Think I'll take one more look at the gear.

    Tried on a C3. I'm bot a big guy but wear an XL helmet. I've been happy with the Multitech. Maybe I'll just update to a new one.

    Thanks again!

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    Defender Jacket

    I tried several lesser jackets and am sold on the Defender. With all the vents open, I am actually almost comfortable riding in Colorado at 95 degrees. The jacket is so lightweight and soft that you don't feel like you are wearing a jacket. For some reason, even thought it is light, it doesn't seem to flap in the wind. I agree about the collar hook not being very secure. I've ridden in some cooler temp's and the jacket seems like it will be very warm with the liners added. Rev'it quality is excellent. I don't have the pants yet, but the venting flaps look like they should work well.

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    I was looking to replace my Nolan N-102 with the C3, and noticed the same thing after wearing it a while at the dealer, all the weight seemed to be on my forehead. I will probably go with a N-103.

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    I have yet to find any truly all season gear. This does answer your question directly and all gear you mentioned is fine but I also like First Gear TPG line of pants and jackets. I wore the TPG Rainier Jacket and TPG pants to Nova Scotia. In the two weeks we had plenty of rain, hail, 46 degree and 93 temps. The 93 was just hot and thankfully only one day of that type weather. For the hot stuff I own some Revit and Olympia mesh gear. I cannot imagine riding any distance in really hot weather in anything but mesh. I have done it in the past but don't do it now on purpose.

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