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Thread: 2011 R1200RT and Washington State HWY 20 today

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    2011 R1200RT and Washington State HWY 20 today

    Had my first longer than normal ride today. I went from home in Woodinville, near Seattle and over HWY 2 to Leavenworth. Steven's pass was a bit cloudy and foggy, and about 40 degrees at the top. I had the heated grips and seat running. I didn't think I'd need the lower half insulation, but proved I was glad I had it with me. I made it to Leavenworth about 10AM. Had a coffee, and then headed on to Winthrop. The weather on the east side of the mountains was nice, but not too warm for this time of year. The warmest I noted was 72 degrees. As I turned up the valley at Pateros, it began to cloud up again. However the ride up the river towards Winthrop was beautiful. I fueled up in Winthrop at slightly over 220 on the odometer, and also ate a hotdog.

    What can I say that hasn't been said about HWY 20, it's stunning. The top of the pass was 43 degrees and cloudy, but all senses were loving it. There was very little traffic and my bike and I took full advantage I got home about 5:30 after 400 miles and I really wanted to keep on going. However, family and kids await. What a great way to take a day off! My bike clicked over 2000 miles total today.
    Don Fitzpatrick
    Woodinville, WA
    2011 1200RT
    1999 XR650L

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    One of the very best day rides in the Everwet State...that's fer shure...!

    Looking forward to this route in another few weeks!

    Bill Johnston

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