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Thread: WI to Alaska

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    WI to Alaska

    Heading to Alaska from Wisconsin in mid July. Planning on taking US 2 across or another route if you can come up with anything else.
    Any suggestions from you road warriors that have been up that way.
    I'll be on my LT, so I'd like to stay on paved roads.
    Fairbanks for sure and possibly Anchorage as well.

    Thanks in advance, Jeff

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    Here is my recommendation on a route once you get to Alberta / British Columbia. Get to Banff, Alberta. Take the Yellowhead Highway through Jasper Park (awe inspiring) through Prince George and on to Hyder, AK (a really neat little town). Back track and get on Hwy 37, the Cassiar Hwy and take that up to the Alaskan Highway just west of Watson Lake. Then it is the ALCAN to Delta, AK and then the Richardson Hwy to Fairbanks. Some will tell you that the Cassiar is unpaved in places, but I just rode it two weeks ago on an R1200RT and it is all paved except for construction areas. You will face some long dirt rides through construction no matter which route you take. Goldwings, LTs and Harleys make it through everyday. The only significant construction I encountered on the Cassiar was just south of Jade City and was 5 or 6 quarter mile stretches. I think the longest stretch between fuel is 95 miles or so. On the ALCAN the last 60 miles east of Beaver Creek just before the Alaskan border is always a mess. Frost heaves, long wide cracks in the road, uneven pavement and construction are always an issue there. Go slow and all will be okay. Get a Milepost to help you plan your route and you can stay on campus when in Fairbanks (see Have fun and bring your snivel gear; you will probably ride in some chilly and damp weather. Bug spray and a mosquito head net are a must in case you find yourself stuck along the road. See you in Fairbanks!!!!
    Kevin Huddy
    The Outpost, Silver City, Montana

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    I rode solo on a 2010 RT to Anchorage and Homer last summer. Left Milwaukee on the soltice, June 21, took I-94 through Fargo, then Northwest to Minot N.D. I crossed above Minot, rode Can. Trans. Con. #1 through Regina, MooseJaw, to Calgary. This is where you want to pound the miles. Prairie, you know. From there on, 300-400 mile days are all you shoul strive for. Then I rode up through Banff & Jasper, to Prince George, then Dawson Creek to pick up the Alcan. Dawson Creek to Ft. Nelson, then it got primitive from my perspective. Onward to watson Lake, (nice cabin at Upper Laird, just beyopnd Watson Lake. Great home cooked food by a family from Czech Republic. Called UpperLaird Resort, on the left side of the road.), onward to Whitehorse, Haines Junction and then the horrid pavememnt from Burwash to Beaver Creek. AKBeemer is absolutely correct. Frost heaves and pot hole along that stretch causes you to slow to 30-35 mph because of the road surface. Then accross the border to Tok. Th first 10-15 miles of Alaska was under construction. Dirt, gravel and it was treacherous because of the rain. Coming home was better because it was a weekend, no construction and road was dry.
    From Tok to Anchorage-1/2 day of good roads. Then a 200 mile nice ride to Homer. If you're not doing Anchorage, Tok to Fairbanks is a road I can't speak to.
    In any case, Please stop and smell the roses, as they say. Take lots of pictures. Watch for wildlife. A lot of mountain sheep and Buffalo in and around Muncho Lake Area in Northern B.C. Moose don't think. The nice thing is Canada cuts the forest way back from the road in most of the areas, so you have a bit of warning.
    If you're coming to the RA Rally June 30 - July 3 in Chippewa Falls, Look me up. I'm the vendor chair.
    Have a great ride and P.M. me if you have any questions. And the Milepost is a good tool as Kevin said.
    Karen Jacobs
    2012 R 1200 RT
    MOA-133005, RA32109, IBA #37923

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    If you do take HWY 2 and you come through Washington State Please post a report. I am concidering going the opposite direction on Hwy 2 later this year, Washinton to Wisconsin and back. I am originaly from WI and have lots of people back in the Milwaukee area. I would be interested in what you think of the ride, how long, road condition, Etc.


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