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Thread: Sunpass on Fla Turnpike

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    Sunpass on Fla Turnpike

    Someone asked me this...

    "I've been researching Sunpass for our upcoming trip to KW, and found that we can't do the Sunpass mini on a motorcycle since it needs a glass windshield. The regular transponder is $25, something we don't want to buy since our tolls will probably be less than $25.

    I've been looking at the Sunpass website and the Florida Turnpike website, and while they talk about the Toll by Plate option I can't find where to sign up for it. I'd like to sign up for it and put $25 on that account so we don't have to deal with service fees. I realize that we'll pay full price for tolls if we don't get the Sunpass, but I'm willing to do that.

    Does anyone have info on how to sign up for the Toll by Plate and how to put money in that account? Thanks!"

    Any help?

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    The sunpass mini definitely does not work on a motorcycle. DMHIK...

    The plate system seems to be geared toward the regular commuters between West Palm and Miami.

    From the start of the Turnpike to West Palm there are only two toll plazas. From there south, I forget. I usually ride inland when I go to the Keys. 441 South to 80, 80 west to 27, 27 south to Krome Avenue. Krome to Homestead to 1 and the keys. Traffic on the turnpike is wild south of West Palm, avoid it if you can.

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    Did you try here?

    Where are you going from-to?

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