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Thread: changing tires

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    changing tires

    Any suggestions regarding new tires for my "83 R100? All feedback appreciated

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    First of all, welcome aboard. That said and surely not to be rude; but this topic has been discussed MANY times and next to what type of oil, the most confusing to the new..........

    Anyway, up above, click "search". then "advanced", then "airheads", and then enter your topic, perhaps tires, and you will get enough information I hope to educate you on a few of the options.......Good luck and God bless........Dennis

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    don't buy

    any brand that has a groove down the middle of the tire unless you like the out of control feeling you'll get on any road with rain grooves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
    Any suggestions regarding new tires for my "83 R100? All feedback appreciated

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    I absolutely agree with the previous post. He is exactly right about tires with the groove down the middle, such as the still-being-sold Continentals that originally came on many of the airheads. They are a nightmare on pavement with grooves in it. Probably why practically no tires have that tread style anymore.

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    The Bridgestone S11 front tire I have tracks well on grooves, grates and lane switching and has a groove down the middle. It is something else in the tire design. The original Continental tire was hard to control on grooves or lane switching. Same with ME33. The S11 tire is a good choice.

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    Your are opening a can of worms.

    Opinion on tires, oil, filter, have been hashed many times. Search for information that has been given.

    I do not like Metzeler Lasertec, but then again that might be just me, and Snowbum.
    I suggest you do not buy a front with a contentious grove down the center at the front Lasertec.
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