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    Mid West Tours

    Thinking about taking a trip out to the Mid West and want to ask if anyone has used any of the Tour Groups that can be found on the internet? There is one called MidWest Motorcycle Tours and many other I'm sure. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    interesting that this tour includes lodging, meals and fuel. I am not a tour fan based on the amount of money charged. I'd think I could do just as good on my own with some help from riders in the area. That said if you don't do a lot of riding it might give you peace of mind knowing you will be taken care of.

    I ride solo between 20K and 30K a year and don't plan much. Load the bike and point it, never know if I will turn right or left. At some point I will find a place to stay or camp, dinner would be nice, tomorrow is another day.

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    Interesting Bruce. And I like the idea...if I was solo and didnt need a bed to sleep in.

    I might try and put something together from the help of other riders that have been thru the Mid West.
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    Schuberth C3,Sena SHM10
    Zumo 660

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    I pretty much travel the way Bruce does. I normally have a destination in mind, the question is how I get there. I spend some time with maps and try to find roads and attractions that interest me, things that I may have heard about or read about that I want to see. There are lots of travel books and information on places that interest you, just do a little research on what you are interested in seeing on your trip. One good book that I use for a reference is "Road Trip USA", it has lots information about what is in various places. There are lists of great roads on many sites on the internet that can also be helpful. I ride until I'm tired, or get someplace I want to explore, stop, find a motel or camp. Seems like I can always find someplace to stay, with the warning, stay away from tourist sites like Glacier and Yellowstone in the summer months, or call ahead for reservations, or plan on stopping early in the afternoon. With smart phones and GPS, it's amazing what you can do while on the road. I probably do 90% of my riding alone, I just guess I don't play well with others! I can leave when I want, stop when I want, eat when I want etc. I always meet interesting people riding alone, I find that if you are in a group, people will not come over and talk to you as much as they do when you're single. I would never consider a "Paid Tour" in the USA, maybe in another country it might be an option.

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