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Thread: Sequoia National park June 2011

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    Sequoia National park June 2011

    After 10 long weeks, the Beemer was finally repaired. I picked up the bike Thursday afternoon and 2 hours later Donna & I were headed out of Vegas. We had planned on going to Evanston, WY., but when the bike wasn't ready by Wednesday, we had to change our plans. We decided to take a short 3 day trip to the Sequoia National Park in California.

    Our route, blue arrows going, red arrows coming back home.

    Enjoy the pics and narrative...

    The bike is finally ready

    I had a new set of LED lights added for night driving and better visibility for other drivers to see us

    We spent the night in Primm, NV. and were on the road this next morning by 7am. The new LED lights refused to work - I was a little miffed, but figured a connection must have come loose, but we headed out anyway..I got to celebrate my birthday with the best present I could have had, riding the BMW with Donna. NOTE: the lights worked fine, I have to have the bright light on for them to work.

    Our first stop was at a fifties diner called Peggy Sue's east of Barstow at Yermo, CA.

    It was a really great place, with a lot of Hollywood memorabilia and playing all 50's Rock & Roll music, I got to eat with the "King"

    The food was great, service was fast, and the prices very reasonable. We will stop here again..

    We had a hotel booked in Tulare, CA., and took a scenic loop out of the way and off the freeway to enjoy some canyon riding on Hwy 178

    The highway followed a river from Lake Isabella to Bakersfield and we stopped a couple of times to enjoy the river whitewater.

    We arrived in Tulare, CA. After checking in to our hotel, it was time to have my birthday dinner. We ate at the 'Cool Hand Luke's" steakhouse. An onion blossom, & steak, along with a frosty cold adult beverage.

    The next day we are off to the park. It had clouded up overnight and looked like it might rain, but off we went..

    We stopped in Three Rivers and had a nice breakfast outside.

    Another National Park, with the required picture, and another refrigerator magnet to add to our collection.

    There was only one construction area, had about a 25 minute wait, other than this one spot, roads were good.

    Big trees...overcast though.

    [img width=664 height=1000][/img]

    The "General Sherman" sequoia....a long downhill hike, didn't do well with my motorcycle boots.

    [img width=555 height=1000][/img]

    The walk back up the trail took it's toll...

    We had planned on riding into the Kings Canyon National Park, but the weather looked bad, it started to sprinkle, and it was getting colder, so we decided not to ride into the park.

    We didn't get very wet, but headed back.

    We enjoyed dinner at Chili's, and finally had our chocolate lava birthday cake, with ice cream.

    The next morning we had to head back, took freeways all the way back. We stopped just outside of Edison, CA. at the Murray Family farm and had breakfast. They made a scrambled egg, ham, and cheese - then fried it inside a pie crust, wow, was that good.
    They had fresh blueberry cobbler, that we had them warm up, delicious!

    Taking a cold drink break at a rest area...boy, the Beemer looks great.

    Our last stop was a the Calico ghost town, just north of Yermo, CA. It was an old mining town that had been restored.

    We walked the town, stopped and had a cold drink on the front porch of the Calico House restaurant.

    Did I mention it was getting hot? With the town in the background, we had another cold drink.

    One last tourist shot of us in the town..

    Another 100 miles and we were back in Las Vegas. A fun trip, even if it was a little short.

    985 miles round trip.

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    Wow... great report and photos. Your bike is GORGEOUS!!

    Thanks much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakemaker View Post
    Wow... great report and photos. Your bike is GORGEOUS!!

    Thanks much.
    Thanks Lakemaker, I will have to agree..LOL

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