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Thread: Bike hauling trailer

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    After the weight of the snow crushed the roof of our old pop-up camper I made a utility trailer out of it. I striped it down to the frame put pt plywood on the floor, put stake pockets on the sides and built stake sides. I mounted a removable chock. Being a pop-up it is low to the ground making loading easy, the axle is mounted above the leaf springs. I kept the stablizer jacks on the back so you can take the trailer off the turck loaded. It cost allmost nothing to build.
    But needs change and I now want to carry 3 ATV's so I swaped the axle under the leaf springs to get rid of the wheel wells to make a flat bed like a snowmobile trailer and it works fine. But the other day when my Suzuki broke down and I had to load by myself I noticed the diffrence in hight, it was a challange.

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    Anyone try one of the folding/disassembleable trailers, like "Trailer-In-A-Bag" or "PortaChopper." There's another one, but can't remember the name off-hand. These things come apart to fit in a car trunk and re-assemble in a few minutes without tools. Small wheels, some with rubber suspension, fairly low to the ground, pricey for what it is. Can't be used for anything else, it seems. They look convenient and towable behind just about anything. Anyone?


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    A friend of mine has a trailer in a bag that he used to tow his Harley Dresser (800+ pounds) from Florida to Sturgis and back with no issues.
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    Loading Bikes

    I've been looking for a way to get my bikes on a trailer without have to ride or push them on. I've seen a power loading system for getting one bike in to the bed of a pick-up truck. Has anyone seen anything like that for two bikes on to a trailer?

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