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Thread: The Beartooth Pass, WY/MT

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    The Beartooth Pass, WY/MT

    In 2009 I did a 7,000 mile solo trip across the US then back through Canada. I saw a lot of amazing places but none as amazing as the Beartooth Pass, RT 212. Fantastic twisty ride of about 63 miles. While in Colorado my sister told me I had to see the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. IMHO if that is the Garden of the Gods then the Beartooth Pass is their playground.

    I rode the pass West to East from Yellowstone in July. At the pass, 11,500, it was just slightly above freezing so dress appropriately and don't miss it if you get the chance.

    If anyone is interested there are photos and videos of the trip at
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    Took a 5000 mile trip on my Honda Rebel in summer 2008. Yellowstone and Beartooth were part of the eastbound trip and Glacier was on the way back west.
    Can't wait to do that again.
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    Did the Beartooth back in 2003 and have it on this years agenda again. My R1100RS bore some scrapes on the cylinder guards from those tight hairpin turns. Much fun
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