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Thread: quick turn signal question

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    Please let me know the results! Sounds interesting. I would assume my bulbs aren't "authentic". I'd be pissed if that was the case and I spent 90 bucks on a new relay.

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    Been there, done that. I installed an 1157 (maybe a 1156 I forget now exactly) instead of the right bulb. It fits but draws way too much current. The dealer at the time spotted the problem right away as it was a common thing to try to use auto bulbs. As I recall the wattage is suppose to be 2 watts and the car bulb rates at 20 and the flasher can't work it.

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    I also learned the hard way by melting the taillight lens.

    Now I have the LED board from Motorrad Elektrik and a new lens!
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    well luckily i only spent 8 bucks on the new relay. i didn't throw out the original one, so i'll just hold onto it, just in case it's only a wonky bulb. it wouldn't surprise me, i think last time i switched them i just used whatever i had left over in a box of random parts that fit. haha. and my rear signals are aftermarket and use a different smaller bulb entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nardowell View Post
    My 1974 R90/6 is having the same problem. While at an Airhead meeting a long time airhead owner told me to check my bulbs in the turn signals and make sure they are all original equipment bulbs.
    I found that one of the 4 was a 1156 bulb which is not what is recommended. My guru said that this bulb has a bigger filament and that makes the flasher unit think that the bulb is burnt out and it won't flash correctly on the insturment panel.
    When I get the new (right) bulb from Hucky, I'll let you know if that was the right fix or whether my leg was being pulled.
    Got the new OEM bulb in the turn signal and the flash indicator on the instrument panel works fine now. Even a nardowell can fix things with a little help from fellow Airheads.
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    I have a different problem: first the signals were still working but no indicate lights...then both stopped working?

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    '74 90S, always check the flashers and such are working before riding. Never thought about checking to see what kind of bulb is in the bucket. Never look at dash to see if light is working. Can't remember if there is a dash indicator light. Always check with right thumb for flat position of blinker switch. Will have to check if that dash light is there or if it works. For some reason have always liked to old switch layout and function.

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