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    Inuvik Bound: road2blue

    After years of dreaming and planning, delays due to circumstances beyond my control, 2011 is the year of road2blue. On Fathers Day (June 19) I will leave on a journey many have taken before and will take in the future, but with a bit of a twist. My journey is a solo ride from my home near Vancouver BC, north through the Cariboo and Bulkley Valleys, up Highway 37 and through the Yukon to Dawson, then up the Dempster to Inuvik. I am riding solo for friends, family and strangers who battle Clinical Depression. My ride, all alone, through an inhospitable environment, fraught with danger, is meant to represent some of the struggles a depressed mind battles every day. The isolation, anxiety and challenges I face will pale in comparison to the battles people with mental illness face every day. I am riding to draw attention to their plight. Hopefully my ride will promote discussion and greater acceptance of those who face these battles. Please check my website and blog , follow me on twitter @road2blue and I will try and keep things up on here as well. Between now and June 19, I'll try to document some of the things I do to prepare for the trip. Once I leave, I'll try to build a decent ride report. I'll figure out "adding pictures" and I'll have a SPOT link on my website for you to follow me....should be fun. Look forward to your support and conversation.
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    Safe travels!

    And thanks for highlighting Depression. It is a devastating life condition. My family and I have fought it for years - even before we knew what it was.

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Hope to see lots of phots, some day I'd like to go.

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    I think anyone travelling north has a big question about tires. I've been thinkinga alot about this and thought I could "run whatch brung" as far north as possible then change to some new TKCs that I'm packing. Seemed reasonable but I was really worried about my old Anakees. As you can see from the pic...around town you can probably get another 1,000 km out of them (do I really sound like I own a KLR?), but I'm not sure how far north I'd get. I decided to splurge....New Anakees arrived yesterday so I'll put them on before I leave, pack new TKC's and change them in Dawson. Run the Dempster on Fresh TKCs, ride the Top of the World through Chicken, down to Haines to Jakes Corner and then up the Canol as far as I can go. Maybe I'll change back to the Anakees in Watson Lake or maybe I'll just run home to Chilliwack on the TKC's. Down to the last 10 days...this weekend is final maintenance on the 650, tire change and I'll start packing.
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    Luggage Prep

    I thought a lot about luggage in planning this trip. Lots of people buy aluminium boxes or go for soft luggage. Being a frugal sort and having purchased a bike with factory bags, I really didn't want to shell out a bunch of extra money for aluminium bags...just for one trip. I was a bit worried about the monster size of some of those bags too (I do have a tendancy to fill every bit of available space so I'd likely just over pack) and overburdening my little 650. A bunch of reading on various websites, I decided to stick with stock but make a little modification. The plastic tabs holding the bags to the mounts look (and apparently are) subject to breakage. So I added an aluminium "angle iron" fastened to the bag with a couple of bolts. You can see a hole on what will be the top of the case things do fall to pieces I can hook a strap into this hole, wrap it under the bag and up over top of the seat, around the bag on the other side and into a similar hole on the reinforcing angle on the other side. This reinforcement sits on top of the luggage mounting bars supplementing the weight bearing capacity of the plastic tab....hope it works!
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    A Day Late and a Dollar Short

    Well, not really a dollar short....but definitely a day late. Meant to leave early this morning but family stuff got in the way. 5AM I was up...change the tires, sprockets and chain, cleaned the air filter, changed the oil....then started packing... so, now I'm finally packed, just need to throw the duffle on in the morning and tie it down. Looking good!
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