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Thread: Turtle Wax Ice

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    Turtle Wax Ice

    Anybody tried this stuff? (this is not a product endorsement, want feedback) easy on, easy off, great shine, used in direct sun on hot day, and most amazing, you can use it on black plastic and rubber bits without leaving a white residue-it even removes the residue from previous waxings and leaves a nice deep black, very easily. Did the car, minivan, & bike all in about an hour couple weeks ago and only used a couple capfuls. It exceeded all my expectations in spades and more than lived up to it's hype. Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules mentioning a brand name, I just wanted to share my experience and wondered if anyone knows of a downside with it.
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    I dunno about Turtle Wax, but several years ago I polished a wooden gun stock with Butcher's wax and had the excess wax in the checkering turn white. In a rare streak of brilliance, I warmed the white wax residue with a heat gun and it disappeared, never to re-appear. I might try this trick on white wax residue on a motor vehicle if I ever wax one again...
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    I tried it on my system cases, it washed off in the first rain.

    I use this stuff

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    I've been using this..

    I started with it on the RV and from then moved on to a bunch of uses. The bike tends to get more quick in-between clean-ups and this is this products intention.
    For the best protection with a lot more work I switch to Collinite products.

    A lot more work but when your done, you can tell the difference. HTH, Gary

    *btw I'm going to send this over to the Gear section.
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    A friend recommended Ice to me last year. It works well and a little dab will do a lot of waxing. The best part is you can use it on everything (glass, metal, chrome, rubber, etc) and it leaves no residue. I don't know how long the bottle will last. I've waxed two motorcycles, one truck and one car and the bottle is still almost full.
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    I've been using Turtle Wax Ice paste for a couple of years on bikes, cars and trucks. Great stuff! It works great on black textured trim. It does leave a residue if you don't get it all off, it just doesn't turn white.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rad View Post
    I tried it on my system cases, it washed off in the first rain.
    I snagged a deal when it was first introduced and have ued it on everything I have.

    I can tell you without reservation that when used as directed, it most certainly does not wash off. Though not the bike, I drive a Cadillac DTS that now has just short of 140,000 miles on it. At the very least - that car gets washed one a week and has been in very sigfnificant rains. That car looks like new. Granted, I do take better care of my car than the average bear, but that notwithstanding, with the amount of water it sees weekly, I can tell you it doesn't wash off.

    Could be something as simple as not shaking it up each time you put some on the sponge it comes with. Don't know, but your experience is unusual.

    No interest, just a satisfied user of a fine product.
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    Just make DARNED certain that the wax you use does NOT contain silicon...not for sure, but I believe that Pig Snot does...will look fine now, but you'll NEVER be able to repaint that vehicle!!! Not even if you strip it to bare metal...

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