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Thread: A taste full event

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    A taste full event

    SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2011- 11am to 5pm - Rain or Shine
    location 41.483051,-76.596996
    Local restaurants, wineries, and berwick brewing ply the wares and skills. If you are looking to go cool off at a higher elevation then the Rally site and try local wine without the wine tour and have lunch. This could be a nice desination.
    There is a excelent swimming hole right down the road to I was reminded today. I drove right by tonight and a swimmer not. Did see a black bear, 2 fawns, 12 does, pair of grouse, during the ride. This is a very enjoyable 50 mile ride with a couple of nice twities up Rt 42 then RT 154 thourgh Worlds End, from the Rally gate(red line). There are many ways backs the rally site that are longer and more rural, but you will not get bored (blue line).
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    Thanks for the information.
    Saturday is a good day not ride too far. 126 miles is just about the right distance to spend some time in the wine country and be back for the main event at the Rally.
    Now I know what I will be doing on Saturday.
    That Whistle Stop Eatery sure looks good.

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    now that looks like an excellent way to spend a saturday.

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