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Thread: camping in Oregon + California

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    camping in Oregon + California

    I've decided to bring camping gear on my trip to LA. Thinking about Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park near Florence, OR. Next day, ride down 101 to Clear Lake State Park near Kelseyville. Next morning stopover in Berkeley with friends, then straight to LA...Any other suggestions for routing...

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    Hwy 1 along the coast is spectacular (even if busy with cars).

    If you can make it work, camp on one of the several campground right on the ocean...there's nothing like it.

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    There are lots of state camps along the Oregon beaches, any one of them is nice. If you are willing to stay on the hike/bike area it is $5.00 per person instead of the full camp space rate. Usually these areas are not full and you can get in.

    California along Highway One can be busy this time of year. Have an out in case what you find is full.

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