I have been fooling around with a new camera, a Canon Power Shot ELPH1300HS. Yeah, I know, it is only a point and shoot, but with my skills, this is plenty challenging. Maybe I will get a "Big Boy" camera in the future.

My camera offers four different aspect ratios, 16:9 (1920 X 1080), 3:2 (1600 X 1064), 4:3 (1600 X 1200) and 1:1 (1200 X 1200). After taking a few pictures I can see the difference. The 16:9 presents a wider, more rectangular picture. Working my way through the ratios the image becomes more square. The 1:1 is square.

The camera came set on 4:3. Is that a pretty standard ratio? What do most folks here use? Are certain ratios better for certain shots? Hope I am not starting an oil thread. Just curious as to what most folks here use.