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Thread: K1200lt smoking engine

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    K1200lt smoking engine

    Hey guys; I read ones artical sometime back on how to get your k1200lt to stop smoking after it sets for awhile parked on its sidestand, Ive experianced that if you tilt your bike to the right prior to starting the engine, it smokes very little. Im used to a cloud of smoke for several minutes which is embarasing...matthew

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    I park on the centerstand all the time, and don't have a problem. You can also tilt the bike to the right side, but with an LT this is a nice invitation to a tipover.
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    It's an old airhead trick, you shut it off and stay on, lean to right for a bit. This gets more oil to drain down and out of the valvetrain. Centerstand is better.


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    I always use the centerstand unless the ground/pavement is too uneven.

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    smoking KLT

    My KLT sits for several days (sometimes weeks) between rides, and always on the center stand. When I start after it sits for 5 days, it smokes for several minutes, even if it was on center stand. Any thoughts?

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