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    Update 5 Lacey, WA

    It is 70 plus degrees and sunny in Lacey, Washington. Mount Rainier has even come out to play. Yesterday we rode a grueling 93 miles in an arc east of Seatac down to Lacey - 40 or so miles away as the crow flies - to escape the rigors of I-5 traffic. We are spending Monday and Tuesday nights with Voni's Aunt Genevieve here in Lacey before we begin our travels south to greater metropolitan Los Angeles. Our route will swing us east through Nevada and into Ontario California mostly by U.S. 395 once we traverse Oregon.

    By the time we reach Oregon sometime tomorrow or the next day our comrades riding in the Iron Butt Rally will for the most part be well east of the Dakotas headed to the vicinity of Buffalo, New York for their first checkpoint, having passed through at least 12 states. We'll be in state two, with pictures of Olympia, our first capitol, headed to California the short way.

    The gathering of friends at the rally start was fun. Some of these folks we only see every two years if then. At the finish Paul will be sequestered in a little room with a computer doing electronic paperwork to score riders for the final leg of the rally. Voni will be in the driveway doing far more important work, welcoming the riders back and providing each of them her famous trademarked hug. And, of course she will run the battery in her camera completely down taking pictures and need to come borrow Paul's, who will by then have forgotten to give it to her in advance. We know this because it has happened twice before.

    We plan a leisurely ride down through the mountains and woods in Oregon, only picking up the pace once we hit the hot flat part of the ride through Nevada and southwest California.

    We'll report more of our 'doing's' as they happen and we remember them. Paul still hasn't changed his rear tire, the tread of which has lasted longer than expected. Besides, he likes all the adoring glances from the bystanders who see the Beverly Hillbillies load on his bike and ask about the trip. When we say "Alaska" they almost always ask, "On a motorcycle?" to which we answer yes.


    and her mechanic and writer Paul
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