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Thread: Post a Picture of Your K16

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    Nice Photo

    Quote Originally Posted by Vagabird View Post
    Despite the fact that I hate this picture of me, here we are ready for our first ride together:

    - Kate
    Nice photo of you Kate and the 1600GT. Has it warmed up in Laramie. I'm in Billings, Mt. We have had a few very nice days early this year, mixed with a few cold ones.

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    St Louis
    My new to me GT...

    Got it a few weeks ago. Liking it more and more and more...

    Mike M
    2020 R1250GSA - 2015 K1300S
    MOA# 86571

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    Los Angeles, CA
    1 week old as of yesterday!
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    2013 K1600GTL (Mineral Silver)
    Los Angeles, CA
    USMC Veteran

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    Great Picture!

    Quote Originally Posted by sfarson View Post
    Been seriously thinning the herd here. Did treat self. From about two minutes before the sun dipped behind the mountains to the left/west...

    What a picture and a very nice looking motorcycle!

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    2013 Demask Red

    My K1600GTL is only 2 weeks old. I love the color and the new for late 2013 foglights.

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    New Bike "Blue Boy"

    Dennis Villarose
    Travelers Rest, SC
    MSTA President

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    Meet Sophie

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    Picked up today


    Thanks to the great folks at Morton's BMW !!

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    The day i brought it home

    I rode it home from the dealer the long way putting 200 miles on it. Parked on my bike lift and went upstairs to change clothes. Wife comes upstairs and says "your bike just fell over" Thinking she was pulling my leg, i took my time to go downstairs to check. Oops the wheel chock didnt hold it upright as it is supposed to. Note to self : "Always use tie downs" .
    I called the dealer and the salesman came over to help me right the bike. As soon as I got home,I had removed the side cases to take upstairs for storage but still had the small 28L top case on it. The top case landed on the Megamoto under the cover which slowed the drop. The only damage was the left fog light bracket that was bent down slightly. It was so minimal it was not noticed for several weeks and easily straightened. The salesman could not believe it when we got the bike vertical again. Lots of lucky stars that day.GTdown_zpsf3e5fe59.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by szazbo View Post
    ... "your bike just fell over" ...
    Thanks for that "honest" post. We all do stupid things from time to time. I have seen the K16 from every angle except this one!
    2014 R1200 GSA, 2015 KTM 690 Enduro (Sold: 1992 K75S, and miss my 2004 R1100S)

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    2 Days old... 2013 K1600GT ...

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    Devil's Whip US 80 North of Marion NC

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    Ventura, CA

    These things can be ticket magnets!

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    Heres my 2013 GTL

    Just added the graphics.
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    MAX BMW's Craig Cantey, making me nervous applying my license plate...
    Freyja & Craig.jpg

    Next to my trade-in... painfully sad but, the right choice for me...
    Freyja & GSA.jpg

    Meet Freyja, Norse Worrior Goddess of Beauty...
    Freyja Top Case.jpg
    Own: '13 K1600GT & '95 K75
    Owned: R1200GSA, GS & K1300GT

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