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Thread: Post a Picture of Your K16

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    what year is yours

    My 2016 does not have the chrome on my saddle bags, just noticed yours does....just curious for i think it adds to the look of the bike...thank you

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    My 2019 GT Option 719 Reply

    I am digging the color, it looks different depending how much light is present, it has a lot of flake in the paint. Not sure about the mufflers

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    2019 K1600B Monolith Gray Matte (150 built)

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    2019 K1600B Grand America

    RDL seat, Ilium Works risers, Aeroflow windshield.94230005_10157880478410733_7381788797333143552_o.jpg

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    My new to me 2018 GTL

    I picked up this one year old 18 with 1K on it. Loving it. It’s good to be back on a GTL again
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