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Thread: Post a Picture of Your K16

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    Lunch with the Devil

    Summer 2021 Devils Tower. A bit hazy from wildfire smoke and a few bugs from the ride from Olympia.

    Devils Tower.jpg

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Very ^^^^^ sharp!
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    Couple of BMW's

    SO the wife and I use to ride a lot...We got the ATV bug and traded in our Harleys for ATV's. That lasted about 3 years and wished for two wheels again. Moved to Denver last year from Kansas City and went "Window Shopping" for new bikes. As you know, Window Shopping is just a poor excuse to buy something new . So while the wife was looking at the various new BMW's, I was just wandering around the dealership. While there, it was recommended to at least take a ride. So off the we go (one 1250RT and the K1600B). Rode for about an hour, on both and fell in love with the B. As she was wandering around the dealership, she seen the Blue K1600B and even thought it was used, she had to have the blue and left me the green one.
    This ride we started on a whim in March on a nice Saturday around 11 AM and decided to see the "Welcome to Colorado" sign at the New Mexico border. Got a little cold when we pulled into the garage at 8 PM when the temp gauge read 38 degrees on the dashboard. Both seat and hand grips were at full heat. Lucky we had warm gloves/jackets with us on that ride. Green and Blue.jpg

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    1600B under the galaxy!

    Stargazing anyone??!DSC_7162.jpgDSC_7162.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCLDR2 View Post
    Portuguese Beach is a great place for a photo. New in August.


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    Quote Originally Posted by miketice View Post
    Stargazing anyone??!DSC_7162.jpgDSC_7162.jpg

    That view pretty much takes the cake! Two thumbs up for Mikey!

    Hope your’s was a terrific M/C outing on your newest Beemer.

    We camped in a small campground next to the Great Basin Nat’l Park in Baker NV whilst riding the Iron Butt’s National Parks Tour. It had been many years since we’d viewed the Milky Way as such (what with so much light pollution any more).

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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    New to me. 2014 K1600GTL

    2016 BMW R1200GSA

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    Happy Travels, HeliPilot, on your new-2-U K16!

    The crowd cooperated and U didn’t even have to get off the bike!

    Hope you’ll make the 200 mile commute up to Doswell, VA in June.
    Not nearly as distant as Key West!

    Keep the shiny side up; we’ll do the same.
    Sláinte! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen 😎 🍷 🤠 🥃


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