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Thread: Day Ride to Kernville/Lake Isabella

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    Talking Day Ride to Glenville/Lake Isabella

    After a torrential rain storm on Friday and some black clouds on Saturday, Sunday turned out to be a beautiful California day. With all our rain the wildflowers are starting to bloom and everything is green!

    So I joined a friend and his buds on their rockets for a ride in the mountains. I kept a slower, more relaxed pace and enjoyed some really nice scenery. Thought you might, too.

    What way to go, which way to go?

    A brief stop on a road out of Oildale leading to the 155.

    This is what the road is like the whole way to the lake. Great riding, but quite a bit of sand in the corners which made for slow going, at least for me.

    There was quite a bit of this matter on the side of the road. I stopped to see if I could identify it. Cold, wet, quite unpleasant. I left it where it lay and rode on.

    After miles of twisties, I finally came upon the lake which is quite full after all our rain.

    The current issue of RoadRunner magazine features four day-rides (a cloverleaf tour) out of Bakersfield and they gave Nelda's an honorable mention. I second it: great burgers!

    Now well fed and ready to head home, we turned onto the 178, a twisty, in places treacherous, canyon road that parallels the Kern River.

    Again, loads of twisties. Lots of traffic today, especially the two-wheeled kind.

    Finally, it would seem, spring is here!

    A couple of shots of the Kern churning down the valley. . . .

    With temps in the low 80s, my bug collector was working overtime today.

    One last look before heading home.

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    Thanks Tom! Great stuff!
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    Yes, thank you Tom. I enjoyed the pictures, it gives me hope that spring may actually be here within the next year.

    I did get in 10 hours of quality slab time this weekend. I went to monkeybutt's place for a birthday party he threw for his wife. 27 F when I left, 33f when I arrived 5 hours later. I left in mid 40's, and arrived home 4 hours later in the low 40's.

    I am ashamed to show pictures of my bike, it is truly filthy since the first half mile was on a mostly snow covered gravel road. I have decided to ride on the snow to get out where there is good riding to be had. No problems with it so far, but I wont set any land speed records doing it.
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    Thanks for the pictures!

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    After seeing pictures like that it makes me realize that I really should move to California as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lorazepam
    I went to monkeybutt's place for a birthday party he threw for his wife. 27 F when I left, 33f when I arrived 5 hours later. I left in mid 40's, and arrived home 4 hours later in the low 40's.
    You're a better man than I. Hang on--Spring is around the corner!

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    great shots - thanks for sharing them. how does that old song go....california dreamin' ...on such a winter's day.
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    155 and 178....Yummy!
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    I love the mountains in CA when they're green!

    Thanks for the great pics.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Sigh..........we are in the middle of a snow storm!! Thanks for sharing these great shots........
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