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Thread: new member in Sturgis, SD

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    new member in Sturgis, SD

    I recieved my '75 r60/6 about five years ago, and have been riding ever since. It's been a bit of a project, since it's getting a bit old and has never needed much maintenance in the past. It's been a great machine to learn with though, since the mechanics are reletively simple and straight forward. I look forward to restoring and customizing it, as well as putting lots of miles on it. (preferably miles with lots of twists and turns

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    Welcome to the forum. Never been to Sturgis...hope to make it some day. My grandfather did some geography research back in the 1930s in and around the Belle Fouche dam and Newell.

    You've already found the Airheads tech forum so you're off and running. So what do you do during the August Harley invasion? Is that when you're off touring the country?
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    nah, we have friends that come down for the rally. I'm usually working for part of it. I definitely don't ride much during the event. It's a crowded and no fun, unless you get a nice early run. (the people that are here to party don't usually get up early. The funny thing about the "Harley invasion" is that the original Jackpine Gypsies rode Indian motorcycles. Honestly, I have seen a few Harleys I would ride, but for my money, I'd take a older BMW or a Triumph any day.

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    Welcome to the forum! Your location brings back memories..was stationed at Ellsworth AFB and did a bi-weekly trip out to the missile sites as I was one of the Missile Combat crews assigned to F 01 near Mud Butte. During the Rally my crew partner and I would get an eye full of the crazy antics that went on during that week

    Have you gone out and taken in the Minuteman Missile Historical Site? I stop by when ever I'm on a trip west. As a former missileer they give preference to thoes that served on that weapon system.

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