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Thread: Good day friends

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    Good day friends

    Proud owner of a new 2011 R1200RT. Traded a 2008 (purchased new 2009) Goldwing and before that 2008 FJR1300. I've come full circle (almost). Started my motorcycle search in 2008, after the typical 25 years off, looking at BMW, mostly the K1200GT. Funny, the RT was sitting right next to the GT and did not get a second look, mostly because having in line Japanese bikes in my late teens, the boxer was completely foreign to me. Was referred by a friend to someone that had a GT and he indicated he was having major final drive issues. So based on that and the thought of dropping over 20K I decided on the FJR. Really liked the FJR except with a pinched nerve in my neck, the ergos were very uncomfortable, so much so I traded the FJR for the Goldwing on the way home from the 2009 FJR rally in Johnson City. Rather rash decision because I pretty quickly figured out the Goldwing was not very exciting to ride, which is not necessarily a knock to gold wings because it is a very nice motorcycle, especially on long highway trips.

    The RT, new 4/30/11, now has 1500 miles. A few comments, for those folks who are on the fence about purchasing. I should interject that ever since the K1600 was announced I was completely set on purchasing the K1600. After attending the NY show and seeing it in person I decided it was TOO nice. I really can't explain that but between that and my impatience I decided to go ahead with the RT. I am very happy with my decision. It's the perfect combination of size, speed, handling, accessories (except the seat of course). As many of you have said it is a great overall bike. A note on the vibration issue, coming off the Goldwing and reading various comments about the subject I was concerned. I have found that it is a none issue for me, even to the contrary I find the vibration to be something desirable. The boxer does take some getting used to but, again, as many of you have said, the ride gets better every day.

    Many thanks to all on this forum where I have spent the last seven months lurking, and learning, in preparation of my decision.

    Looking forward to my first international rally, see you there!

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    Welcome, former lurker! Glad to have you here!

    Where in S. Maryland are you? I'm heading to Pocomoke tomorrow.

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    Congratulations! I hope you have an excellent riding season with your new RT.

    09 R1200GS

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    Hi Pinscher
    Enjoy the RT!
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    Don't ya love it when a lurker shows themself?

    Nice to know we can be pretty convincing after 7 rides, pinscher

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    Welcome to the Forum and congratulations on your new RT. I often tell people that I believe the boxer engine is a derivative of the old radial airplane engines. Don't know if that is truly true, but they agree it looks like it could be. Anyway, there is something quite soothing to me about the boxer when your running down the highway. I can kind of imagine a radial engine underneath me.

    Great to see you are enjoying your new bike.
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    Welcome! You'll love it!
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