I always have a wonderful time at this event and was just as surprised and the rest of the bmwbmw folks to discover they have only six members in the entire club yet put on a great rally!

I missed the rain on Friday riding in and got set up before the first storm rolled thru, and even thou Sat looked a little threatening in the AM it cleared out nicely. Sat. went down to Cass to shot some B&W with the medium format and then rode Back Mountain Road, along 250 for a ways then back to 92 to another small railroad town. Left out fairly early Sunday and had a nice ride home.

Here are a few shots with a link to a sildeshow of the digital photos

some selected shots

on the way up 250 came to this just as I was crossing over the Shenandoah
mountain came to this old fort/breastworks known as Fort Edward Johnson
the walkway going up into the forest was deep shade (I was there around 10 AM)
and it seemed as if at any moment an elf or gnome or some other mythical
creature would suddenly appear from behind some tree so I have purposely
enhanced this image to try and capture that essence of the impression ti left on

An old church on the edge of the campground I forgot to ever go around the front
ad shot pictures of the old wooden door, oh well, maybe next year

looking across the campground as some one was just setting up their tent, I
played around quite a bit with this one just for the fun of it
the wind and some rain were blowing in about this time and just seems to enhance
the mood of the moment

another view of the church from father out without any photo editing..

and a link to a slideshow from Cass Rally of the other shots.

I also shot 2 roils of B&W with the medium format camera of the Cass railway,
some buildings, an other old steam engine and street scenes
in an old RR town as well as few around the campground of the early morning fog
and lighting. Hope to get those back next week. the shots that have a grayish tone were one taken with my little waterproof P&S during one of the rain storms that passed thru Friday.


Hope more folks make it down next year, really worth the ride!