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Thread: Sidecars on the Square, Bloomburg, 2011

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    Sidecars on the Square, Bloomburg, 2011

    Howdy folks.
    I have already posted this in the sidecar forum, now to let you all know.
    We are organizing a sidecar gathering at the 2011 National.
    We have named it 'Sidecars on the Square'.
    Saturday, July 23, we will depart the rally site following the sidecar seminar (more on that later) at around 10:45am and ride over to Market Square in the centre of town and park near the fountain. We will have a meet and greet with fellow hackers, other interested riders and curious locals. We will then proceed (on foot) to a nearby restaurant for a 'meat' and greet. After lunch we will disperse.
    Hope to see all of you sidecarists in the town centre for this event.

    Edited 31 May to add...

    See post #5 for current plan...
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    Thumbs up Photos of the area

    Here are photos of the Bloomsburg Fountain area. There is plenty of room; the area includes 11 vehicle parking spaces, two of which are large to handle the handicapped designation. The later are near the restaurant or south side of the fountain. One can also park bikes around the fountain and even up the street that is west. The large brick building is the Masonic Consistory that offers plenty of parking in front and for visitors behind it.

    This photo is of the fountain looking westward. RT 11 is the street in front and the restaurant is to the left and the Consistory is the large brick building. This photo is taken in front of PNC Bank.

    Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

    The fountain area left to right looking east.

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    Looks as though my Saturday has been Planned out! Thanks for the Info from Enfo!

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    Because of a new activity recently added, we will likely have to depart the square by 12h45. I will look into a short ride to food.
    The square will likely be invaded by three successive waves of motorcycles (sidecars, RSs, vintage).
    I will keep you posted.

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    Here is the current plan.
    Leave Rally site around 1045am from site of sidecar seminar (9-1030am). Ride to Market Square, where we will have a block long area of street closed off for our use. This area includes the restored 1892 fountain...great photo op!
    We will meet and greet from 11am-1230pm. Those who wish to stay can, the rest will ride back to rally site, and 'claim an open grassy section on-site' (GrafikFeat). We can disperse in search of calories at this time (1pm). Leaving the rigs parked together will supply a static display for fellow rally goers.
    Activities 'on the square' include...Sidecars On The Square, RSquared and Old Timers In Town...BMWs will be featured in the town square from 11am through to 330-4pm. How cool is that!
    I hope we get a great turn out for all three gatherings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angysdad View Post
    The square will likely be invaded by three successive waves of motorcycles (sidecars, RSs, vintage).
    what, no S1000RRs doing burnouts?

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    For a history of the this website, scroll down and click the photo of the fountain:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    what, no S1000RRs doing burnouts?
    We had to make a decision between S1000RRs doing burnouts
    naked sidecar drag races down Main St.
    We've made our decision, and we are sticking to it.

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