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Thread: 05 R1200GS - rain caused the dash to temporarily fail

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    05 R1200GS - rain caused the dash to temporarily fail

    So I was riding back today with some pals from a 4 day trip, and we got caught in some rain. No big deal, we were prepared, and had in fact started the trip in rain. It was a little different this time around, as after about 30 minutes, my dash started freaking out, it would report a various failures, and problems, then reset, then do it all over. Eventually, it just appeared to quit. The bike itself ran fine, and all the other electricals seems to be working, I had to ride another 90 minutes to get home.

    It's been in my garage for about 3 hours now, and I went and turned it on and everything seems fine.

    It seems obvious that water was getting in somewhere, but I'm not sure where, I'm hoping some one can tell me where to look. I am guessing it's not just the connections to the dash though, unless the dash is self contained with the brains, as the trip meters quit recording for the duration it was dead. They didn't reset, they are now showing the numbers they did around the time it went out.

    So, where should I look, or what steps should I next be taking?


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    I'm not familiar with the GS but the RT has a single multi-pin connector that powers the dash. I can only think the connector on the GS would at least be as robust if not moreso than the one used on the RT but it is less exposed than the GS connector.

    I would start there to see if it is secure and then possibly trace it to see where it connects and check that as well. It should be #3 in the diagram.
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