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Thread: KY: Pickup tries to run motorcycle off the road

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    However, Comma...

    As a former sport rider and now GS rider...

    I have to say I have seen some rather "fast" GoPro vids here and on other motorcycle websites. In order to not get into a humongous debate on the virtues and vices of the 55mph speed limit, lets just say that pretty much everyone ignores it every now and then. If you went 55 on the freeway in Louisville, you'd be a road pizza. When I was down in Tellico, a couple GS riders passed me on the Cherohala and I was at 65 or so, sightseeing...

    How many of you have rolled 80+ on the interstate, or exceeded 55mph on a nice backroad? I bet nearly all Heck, a nice roll out of a corner would net you a ticket if smokey had a radar gun and was in the right place and in a bad mood.

    I think "where" and "when" are more important than the act of speeding itself. The road in the video looks like its well-populated, and that means kids, vehicles pulling out of driveways, etc. For that they get the total dumba** award.

    Motorcycles, even older ones, have a higher power-weight ratio than cars do, thus are faster. Motorcycling is a sport which means many want to see just how well they can ride. Pick a nice spot for it realize that at a certain speed you won't be able to stop, and have fun. Also, not everyone can afford a track day every weekend. I ride fairly snappily on backroads, but do not max speed on the straights and have been happily ticket-free since 1990. I also slow down when going through towns and populated areas. Changes you from an annoyance/danger to an ambassador. I bet the headers honk off the folks on that road as much as the speed does.

    Also, speeding and a double yellow pass = ticket, not the death penalty (if the video is real) and I have my doubts, too. And the road didn't look that awesome, either...

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    Making a pass on a double yellow is the riders choice. Trying to kill someone is attempted murder.
    BIG difference.

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    Now there's a bump.

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