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Thread: Typical Central Pennsylvania Weather

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    cooling down

    The low temp for tomorrow morning in Bloomsburg is expected be 43 degrees! Now thats the Pennsylvania summer weather we like!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted View Post
    Like many here on the East Coast I could not afford the time it would take to go to a rally on the West Coast - jobs and other such commitments make it simply impossible. The weather will undoubtedly be warmer than it would be in Oregon - with that said I have been riding in the mid-Atlantic for two decades now and sometimes July is downright pleasant, other times it is muggy, hot and humid. Rarely however is it so miserable that one can not ride comfortably (1999 comes to mind.) Personally I found the Johnson City rally two years ago downright comfortable, and that is almost 500 miles south/south west of Bloomsburg.

    No sense getting upset over what the weather may be two months from now, there will be plenty of time for that a week or two before the event
    You still think the same way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwgsrider View Post
    Thanks. Could the road construction be as bad as what I am possibly being led to believe?
    We came through countless work zones in I-81 yesterday on the way here. With the barriers and lowered speed limits, I did not see any workers or work done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doubleplay View Post
    You still think the same way?
    Of course - it is hot and muggy and there is plenty of time to get all bent out of shape about it now.

    Personally I still think sweating at the rally site beats sitting comfortably in an office. And I should know, work unexpectedly felt a compelling need to keep me around this week so I will be lucky to get up there at all.
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