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Thread: Help with Pricing of FarkleBar

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    Smile Help with Pricing of FarkleBar

    I needed to have multiple electronics in front of me and my tank bag was full of wires. I needed something better so I built a mount. I am happy with how it is coming out, and I think that others would probably want the same thing. I am using Ram Mounts to mount 5 devices and provide 5 power outlets and cord storage. I have some pictures of what I'm working on at What do you think I ought to charge for this? Anything you think I should change?

    Thanks for the help,

    Douglas Shonley
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    How do you see the speedo, tach or other gauges?

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    Actually it does cover many of the instruments. The main one I am interested in is the speedometer. However since I often run with two GPSs and the speed is displayed on there I don't use the speedometer. Also the arms come in various lengths and can be moved to any position so I usually leave a area where I can see the neutral light. The rest are secondary instruments. The idea is to have as much information in front of me, with minimal time of looking away from the road. So far I have really liked it.


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    Since you want to offer this "farkle bar" for sale, I presume you want honest feedback. Based on what you have shown in those pictures, there is no chance I would use something like that on any bike of mine, nor would I recommend it.

    Where your statement that you run two GPSs so you don't need to see the speedo are accurate, the problem comes in when you are riding without them. From the photos, the instruments are still blocked.

    Regardless of the speedo, there is no way to see any of the warning information the bike provides, no way to peep the gear selection display, no way to see the fuel level and no way to see the oil temp display - all of which are even more important for a bike that's obviously intended as a rally bike with all the added gear. Further, it appears you're making it even more difficult to even reach the key.

    I have ridden a few miles with more gear on my bike than you are trying to accommodate and depending on the model bike, it's really not hard to mount everything you intend to mount without blocking those all important factory instruments.

    I admire your ingenuity and motivation to help the LD community - those that you're mainly targeting are those running highly farkled bikes - but I'd suggest you head back to the drawing board if you want to market a product to handle something like this.
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    Thank you for the feedback and you make some good points. Yes, this is not for everybody. Because I have so many bikes the ability to move all the gadgets to another bike is really helpful. Also I can easily take the whole thing in at night when I check into a motel. I found I was spending way too much time getting everything mounted and plugged back in when I came out of the motel in the morning. The rats nest of wires I have had under my fairing has now been eliminated. But as with most things on a motorcycle there is a compromise. Each person makes their individual choice on what is important. I guess that is why we ride.

    Thanks again,


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