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Thread: The Bloomsburg 1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by robnye View Post
    Absolutely! If you are already and IBA member by all means do the ride!

    Registration for the ride and the party are separate. If you register for the ride you'll automagically be registered for the party.
    Thanks, Rob. We'll see you next week.
    John H | TexanRT | Lafayette | IBA
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    Just signed for Ghardy as a starting witness as we already had it arranged several weeks ago. Wife gave him a good home-made Lasagna dinner so he will be good and impacted for his ride! lol

    Good Luck and be safe GHardy!

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    Rob, I've been keeping an eye out for signup info for the IBA pizza party, but have overlooked it if its up anywhere in this forum. I haven't received any emails directly from the IBA.

    When will it be? And can I sign up on line or after I arrive Wed PM?

    (IBA # 24739)

    Mark J
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    I believe registration for the party is on line at

    Sign up will close at noon on Thursday.


    Rob Nye

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    Man, I wish I saw this thread sooner!
    I live in Jax and rode up to PA a few days early to meet up with my brother from CA. We rode around the Poconos (Where we grew up) and then headed to the rally on Thurs.
    I really had no intentions of doing an IB ride, but when I left to head home on Sat AM I ended up going all the way home that day. The weather was so hot, by the time evening started to fall, I felt pretty refreshed and kept on going.
    I left Bloomsburg at 8AM and pulled into my driveway in Jax Beach at 11:40 PM.
    Right at 965 miles.
    Wait, I still need 35 miles! It's almost midnight on Saturday night, do I really want to go back on the road and deal with fatigue and drunks? No.
    Instead, I got up at 6:30 AM and logged the last miles and got gas before 8AM.
    I did it!
    The only question is that I didn't plan on doing it, so I don't have a specific log of stops. I have a few gas reciepts (the first one was about 40 miles from Bloomsburg) and witnesses at the start and finish of my ride.
    I'm hoping I have enough info to make it official!

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