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Thread: K4x Motor-Cam Chain and Sproket

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    By the way, I did three cam chain guards on three K1200Ses in just the morning. A piece of cake as they say. Take off the side fairing cover, loosen the belly pan and let it hang down. You don't have to remove the slave cyl or the heat shield...just bungee the cover out of the way after removing the aluminum screws. Lift off the old gasket, slide on the guard, dry up the oil that dribbles out if there is any, wipe off both surfaces with an alcohol dampened rag, put on the new gasket, slide the cover back making sure the slave cyl is proper (little center half moon with flat surface out), put in a couple new screws lightly tight, making sure the gasket is even at the bottom, then tighten all the new screws to 3 NM (one screw is shorter than the rest), turn them all 90 degrees...comes out to about 6 NM. Secure the belly pan and put back the side cover.
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    I installed the guard on Helen's higher mileage(39K) S bike yesterday. As mentioned, a very quick process. I could have done both of ours in the morning, but had other bikes to finish up.
    I'll do mine tomorrow and install the new tensioner. I believe I am around 19K and have no slapping noise. More of a preventive step on mine at this time.

    Plan on replacing the chain & sprocket set after an October trip. Hers rattled from the day she got it with 30K . I installed the new tensioner at 36K to quiet the rattle away( which it did) but now worry the chain is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. It sure was loose when I put the jump guard in there! The chain/sprocket combo lists around $253. Just wish all this was out there when I did the 36K valve check...I found out about it about two weeks later

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