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Thread: Rte 10 from Hopewell VA to Suffolk area

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    Rte 10 from Hopewell VA to Suffolk area

    I'm riding to the OBX from Northern(ish) VA this coming weekend, and I'm looking to avoid 64/664. I have a route planned that pops me out on 95S below Richmond. From there I'm looking to pick up Rte 10 in Hopewell, VA going toward Suffolk, and on from there. 10 looks like more fun than 460. Does anyone have any feedback on this part of route 10? A portion of my route is linked below.


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    That's close to the route I usually take from Richmond to OBX. Since I leave from the north side of Richmond, I head out Route 5, which is what Main Street turns in to going east from downtown, and cross the James River on Rt 156 to Route 10. Or, head east on 5 to Jamestown and take the Scotland Ferry across the James to Surry. That bypasses Hopewell, but of course you have to deal with Richmond. But, you can get off of 95 and get on Main Street in Shockoe Bottom and be on Route 5 in short order.

    I also usually take 258 from Smithfield to 460, and take 460 into Suffolk instead of staying on 10. No real reason, other than it seems to stay farther from civilization longer.

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    Take 5 instead of 10.

    +1 on Rt 5

    I see you are coming out of Mineral, I would go down 33, through Montpelier to Poe's Pub, (about an hour from Mineral), have breakfast or lunch, then take Rt 5 all the way to Jamestown, cross over the James on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry (it is free), and pick up Rt 10 in Surry. Rt 5 is the road we all like to ride and Poe's caters to bikes and bikers of all kinds. We sometimes take Sunday morning runs just to eat breakfast there and then ride back. Of course, that will put you through the city, but I think it would be worth it.

    Personally, if I had the time, I would go to Bumpass, Beaver Dam, Doswell, West Point, New Kent, Providence Forge, Charles City, Rt 5, Jamestown, Jamestown-Scotland Ferry, picking up 10 in Surry. I am originally from Culpeper and I like going from Yorktown, where I now live, taking the back roads from Doswell to 522. As far as the Rt 5, Providence Forge, New Kent, West Point, etc, these are normal Saturday/Sunday afternoon runs for me.
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