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Thread: Starter Motor overhaul on a 1992 BMW K75S

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    Starter Motor overhaul on a 1992 BMW K75S

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    Overhauling the starter motor is not that difficult and hopefully the step-by-step process Ive outlined below will make it as straightforward as possible. The first step is to decide whether you want to just clean the starter commutator or if you want to replace the brushes as well. I found that replacing the brushes was relatively inexpensive and did not involve much extra work so thats what Ive outlined in this DIY article. The part numbers I ordered are as follows:
    12411459445 (O-rings)
    12411459567 (Brush connected to ground wire nut)
    12411459297 (Brush plate)

    • Locate starter motor
    • Remove and disassemble starter motor
    • Clean/overhaul starter motor
    • Reassemble and install

    Supplies needed:
    • Replacement brushes and misc. parts
    • Brake cleaner
    • Scrub pad/wash cloths
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